thinking hard or hardly thinking.

One of our own...

I don't even know how much people still read this, or post here. I myself do not anymore....but I miss it. I miss the community of writers and creative souls I came to know and love. And over ....a decade...maybe 15 years ago? I don't even know how long, I met David who on LJ was myrch

David was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met with a razor sharp wit and the ability to see people and never judge them. He never had an unkind word to say about anyone....and he treasured peoples minds and hearts. He reminded me of my Uncle Don in so many ways...someone I lost a few years ago and who perhaps was the single most positive male role model I ever had in my life.

David was one of those people you knew the world would be a better place with him being in it. He gave you a sense of security in that everything flowed how it did and you just evolved and dealt with it. He was in his own admission a realist.

So when he was diagnosed with a very aggressive sort of gastric cancer, he was very much the realist in that he understood and he openly shared the details of his treatment and progress. He knew that he may be dealing with death and there was a dignity in him....a desire to do the things he could not put off now.

He and his wife Dea who supported and cared for David like no other during this time, took trips they knew they may not have the chance to later. Although weak and having gone through treatment, David braved Japan and Europe like a champ..carting suitcases of his medications.

He outlasted the expiration date associated with this form of aggressive cancer. He fought it ...but he still said he was a realist and knew what could occur. David fought it for well over a year. The doctor had said some go in months. He amazed doctors with his knowledge and how strong he was.

I credit this to his attitude, his acceptance, his love for Dea and her care.

A few days ago I started to think about David nonstop..and I hoped and prayed it did not mean something bad, I just chalked it up to my paranoia.

Then I saw the note from his wife...."if you have something you want to say to David, I will read it to him."

I told her to tell him I loved him.

David died that night at 10:04pm.

I would tell him now meant so much to me...we shared a love for classical music, odd films, books and video games. And Safari Cards. We both grew up in the 70s and in the 1970s there were mail order cards that came once a month, a pack of 30 and they told you facts about animals. He was the only other living person I ever knew who had collected them.  He never once yelled at me on voice when I caused him to die a fiery death in World of Warcraft and he taught me every stupid acronym teenagers were using so I could understand them. He introduced me to the world of Tumblr. And just now I go to his tumblr and this is what I see, which gives you an idea of David's sense of humour. His "About" says and he updated this in July:

That was David.

And this is myself and David.

David was very much loved by those who knew him. He was loved by his wife Dea who he adored more than anything in this world and a fluffy corgi named Pudge who he once wrote a lengthy verbage about how he loved his dog but a dog does not love like we do because they are not built the way humans are. I just started laughing.

Always the scientist.
Always the thinker.
The most gentle of men
has left us.
Rich with experiences and
and always his soft voice-
which told you the things you knew about yourself
but were afraid to admit.

He left us with these words.

"Right or wrong, moral or immoral, make the choice to live, and dwell not upon whether it was the right decision."

Those words and the beauty of his mind which was like no other. And I will miss him so much.

So will others ... jenarael ,  Mary amicablebitchand  Raquel theuglyvolvo

Cartoon Jen

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I never thought I would be one of those "friends-only" people. I never thought I would wear flat shoes either, but stranger things have happened.

As it turns out, just like in real life, I don't feel strange blurting out things to strangers at cocktail parties that I would never tell a stadium full of strangers.

So friends only are sort of like people at cocktail parties.

The rest of the internet is like a stadium full of people who wear hats with beer cans on them, I just really would rather not know them. Nothing personal.

If you want in the cocktail party, you are more than welcome. For all I know Mag Wildwood is in here and she's a thumping bore.